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T-FREE is a free 320 kbps mp3 netlabel for technoid Drum & Bass.

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Releases so far (November 2008 - new releases follow below in the thread):
T-FREE053: Proktah - Labyrinth
T-FREE052: Valevo - Frag
T-FREE051: ADAM Power - Isolation
T-FREE050: Zardonic - Relentless Beating
T-FREE049: LSD - Uziel
T-FREE048: Gravity Zero - Where Is Here
T-FREE047: SFS - Techno B
T-FREE046: Destination Unknown - Killing Fields
T-FREE045: Asphexia - Predeath
T-FREE044: kr4y - Jerk
T-FREE043: Stereotype - Victory Or Death
T-FREE042: Violentbreakz - Exekutive
T-FREE041: Kaiza feat. amex - PsyKo
T-FREE040: Isotop + Shots - Burning Identity
T-FREE039: Phony + Lean - Militant Mutants
T-FREE038: Phony - Gravity
T-FREE037: Histibe - Microcosmos
T-FREE036: Tenebra - Dominatrix
T-FREE035: CJ Weaver - Steel
T-FREE034: Maztek - Technologic
T-FREE033: NeuralNoise - The Room
T-FREE032: Tamas + Violent Skillz - Internal Fear
T-FREE030: Matt Domino - Wound Circus
T-FREE029: Pylon feat. Yabol + Structural - Machinery Crossing
T-FREE028: Dementia + NME Click - Appendix
T-FREE027: Spinor - Combustion
T-FREE026: Mocks - Cycle23
T-FREE025: Walder - Thalleo
T-FREE024: Matt Domino - The Infernal
T-FREE023: Bowser - Zerhirner
T-FREE022: Atom - Medetina
T-FREE021: amex + Kaiza - Team
T-FREE020: Soccom - Supernatural
T-FREE019: Zardonic - Driveburner
T-FREE018: Subrai - Deranged
T-FREE017: Spherix + Bantom - Past Tense
T-FREE016: WaveCut - No War
T-FREE015: Pbasiq - Hesitate
T-FREE014: Malsum - Silk
T-FREE013: Salamandra - Australian (Fading Suns RMX)
T-FREE012: Budoka - Invisible Killer
T-FREE011: amex + Kaiza - Schlontz (Der General)
T-FREE010: Azrael - Breach
T-FREE009: D-Struct - Out Patient
T-FREE008: Mind + Xeno + Error - Abandon
T-FREE007: Flame - Toys On The Moon
T-FREE006: Destination Unknown + Implex - Mechanical Heroes
T-FREE005: Budoka - Morphball
T-FREE004: amex - Egoschwein (amex + Kaiza RMX)
T-FREE003: Sniper - Kisum
T-FREE002: amex + Sniper - Electrohorse
T-FREE001: amex - Egoschwein
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T-FREE-3EP027: Syneptic - Blood / Violera / Black Hole
T-FREE-3EP026: Acid_Lab + Scale - Fade Away / Acid_Lab - Dominator / Acid_Lab - Hardwired
T-FREE-3EP025: Cyclone - Let's Get Ill / Turning Science / Arcanoid
T-FREE-3EP024: Zardonic - Braindrainer / Reliquia / Acid Industries
T-FREE-3EP023: Budoka - On The Run / Soular / Broken Arrow
T-FREE-3EP022: Budoka - Sick Boy / Odyssee 10000 / Renegade Guitarz
T-FREE-3EP021: Budoka - The Unseen / Whiplash / Budo Fist Style
T-FREE-3EP020: kRoNe - Cosmik Life / Red Moon / Electrical Storm
T-FREE-3EP019: Insecticide - Ladehemmungen / Insecticide + Cut - End Of Stalker / Destination Unknown + Insecticide - Boulderdash
T-FREE-3EP018: Tenebra (aka Flame + Lex) - Phantoms / Flame + XZ32 + Atom - Breakbone (Flame VIP) / Flame + XZ32 - The Shield
T-FREE-3EP017: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz (Typecell RMX / Johannes Ahlberg RMX 1 / RMX 2)
T-FREE-3EP016: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz (D-Struct RMX / Hi-Lar RMX / Zardonic RMX)
T-FREE-3EP015: amex + Kaiza - "Shrinz (Testone RMX / Malsum RMX / Flame RMX)
T-FREE-3EP014: Azrael - I Sul / Suolile / Fission" 2006
T-FREE-3EP013: Pyro - Cyborg Assasin / Elektrik / Energy
T-FREE-3EP012: Pyro - Transcendence / 4 Corners / Photon Storm
T-FREE-3EP011: Pyro - Crossworld / Antimatter / The Outer Rings"
T-FREE-3EP010: Hidden Lab - Waypoint / Leaving / Materia - Cordless
T-FREE-3EP009: MRX - Tune1 / Tune2 / Tune3
T-FREE-3EP008: Typecell - Marterials / Consequence / Typecell feat. Kaerry - Intensity
T-FREE-3EP007: Paranoise Optimal - Narcoleptic / Porn Heat / Subway
T-FREE-3EP006: Destination Unknown - Coordinates / No Escape" VIP / Never Forget
T-FREE-3EP005: Azrael - Fission / Projection / Viral
T-FREE-3EP004: Hi-Lar - Prod 056 [Thundergrowl / Next Wave / Prod 089 [Killswitch
T-FREE-3EP003: amex - Clavinov / Good Guy / shyzomax - Urlust
T-FREE-3EP002: amex - Dystopia / Highhead (RMX) / Phraser (DNB-Mix)
T-FREE-3EP003: amex - Highhead / Laufband / Sein
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T-FREE053: Proktah - "Labyrinth"

Proktah aka Frenchi from Konstanz, Germany is not a total newcomer:
He already has his name printed on 7 vinyl records on the labels
Trust in Music, Have-A-Break and his own imprint Flight Recordings.
Also he has done a remix for the Basswerk Sessions 3 CD compilation.
And more of his tunes are forthcoming on labels like Melting Pot,
.shadybrain, Close2Death and, of course, Flight Recordings.
His tune "Labyrinth" was released on Have-A-Break 010 only as a remix,
done by Phace, yet the original tune did not come out until now.

320 kbps mp3 + info:


T-FREE054: Isotop + Kaiza - "Blog Six"

Since summer 2008, Isotop and Kaiza have done many
collaboration tunes together, and in December they
had their digital deejaying debut, working together
also as a team of ableton live performers.
Their first collaboration getting released was
"Headroom" on kr4y and Arje's Beat Addiction label,
now here is the second one: a subtle, funky stepper.
More tunes are sure to follow - watch this space...

320 kbps mp3 + info:


Plater - "Life In Coma"
Isotop + Kaiza - "Dr Fibonatchi"

T-FREE and Black Hoe together present TFBH001.
It is an X-Mass joint release of both labels with
one tune from each and a common Catalog number,
expressing their respect for each others work.

Plater is a still unknown newcomer from Estonia,
bringing a dense Techno-DNB roller with a crazy snare.

Isotop from Kaiserslautern (Germany) had his vinyl
debut in 2008 and Kaiza from Mannheim (Germany)
should be known from his releases on T-FREE and
Tilt-Recordings together with his former partner.
They bring a subtle Techno-DNB tune with 4/4 break.

320 kbps mp3 + info (by T-FREE) + artwork:

zip file including tunes and artwork (by Black Hoe):


artist links:
T-FREE055: Isotop + Kaiza - "Zepter"

Lately, Isotop + Kaiza worked a lot on their digital
performing skills, new tunes, T3K and other projects.
Now, in the meantime before more of these things come,
they bring another intelligent technoid halfbar tool.
This one works as both a 2-step and a broken beat,
depending on one's focus of attention when listening.

320 kbps mp3 + info:


T-FREE-3EP028: Isotop - "Tempel" / "Junkyard" / "Tomb"

Aside from having made quite a lot of tunes
together with Shots, Kaiza and others lately,
Isotop has also done experimental solo tunes,
playing around with music styles and elements.
Some will get released in 2009 and some never,
so Isotop decided to give these three to T-FREE,
an EP of fast-paced, subtle technoid steppers
with reverb constructions and midrange hybrids.

320' mp3 + info:

T-FREE056: Air J + Sinecore - "Kira"

Since 2006, Sinecore has put out quite a number of tunes
as "Antichristus" (together with Peter Kurten, his brother),
including two vinyl releases on Independenza Records.
Also, he has started getting tunes out under his solo name
on Mindsaw Digital, T-Files and Nightmare Recordings.
"Kira" is a collaboration with his Belgian DJ colleague
Air J who also focuses on the hard/dark/technoid styles.
He started producing in 2008 and has just recently seen
his first vinyl release on the new label Kritical Bass,
also a collaboration of Air J with Peter Kurten is out on
Mindsaw Digital, and more of his tunes are forthcoming.

320 kbps mp3 + info:
T-FREE057: Isotop + Shots feat. Kaiza - "Forsaken"

This is not only a tune but also an example of how several
people can accomplish more together than each of them alone.
Originally, the tune was just an unfinished solo project,
a loop of 40 seconds length which Shots had been working on.
Then, Isotop (partly with Shots) did a lot of soundshaping,
eqing etc and arranged it to a length of 3.5 minutes.
Finally, Kaiza changed the main structure, beat and bassline,
did further work on the stabs and fx and finished the tune.

320 kbps mp3 + info:

T-FREE058: Robot Death Squad - "Machine Sentry"

This tune was produced by D-Struct, Evancipation and
Signal under their alias "Robot Death Squad" in 2004,
some months after their celebrated tune "Hot 9mm"
which was released on Moving Shadow two years later.
But, by contrast, "Machine Sentry" never came out.
That is perhaps because it bridges the void between
classical Jungle and (seen from 2004) modern Neurofunk,
combining elements from both worlds into a hybrid.
Some other Robot Death Squad tunes do this as well,
but the Jungle is extraordinarily strong in this one.

320 kbps mp3 + info:

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T-FREE059: Kaiza feat. Isotop + Shots - "Tsar"

This piece could almost be seen as a manifesto:
It is the bottled essence of Kaiza's recent approach
to production in regards to both style and arrangement.

320 kbps mp3 + info:



Isotop - "Calling From Beyond"
Shots feat. Kaiza - "Incense"
The Phalanx feat. Kaiza - "Different Phase"

These are some lost tunes from late Summer 2008. They
cannot keep up with Isotop, Shots and Kaiza's more recent
productions but are still too nice to stay unreleased.
"Different Phase" for example was one of many tunes by
The Phalanx that used to exist only on his computer
in Ableton live projects for his liveact performance
(as seen in the Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast Vol.1).

320 kbps mp3s + info:

T-FREE060: Kaiza feat. Try and Error - "Zafary"

"Zafary" is the second release by Try and Error.
Just like their debut "Fatalist" [T-FILE-EP005],
the tune was produced in collaboration with Kaiza
and has some Techno influences, to say the least.

320 kbps mp3 + info:

T-FREE061: Isotop + Kaiza - "Blog Six" (Kaiza RMX)

Half a year after the original had been produced
and two months after its release as T-FREE054,
Kaiza gave "Blog Six" the works and made a remix
which has an updated sound quality and combines
Techno-DNB-typical halfbar-loop constructions and
Kaiza's trademark arrangement subtleties with a
4/4 bassdrum and a Minimal-influenced aesthetic,
creating a wide open space on the music's surface
and opening a new chapter in Kaiza's sound history.

320 kbps mp3 + mirror:
T-FREE062: Spinor - "Syrinx"

After releasing three totally technoid tunes in 2008,
Spinor shows his musically deep and relaxed side again
with this melodic roller combining elements from both
Liquid funk and technoid Drum & Bass. Its lovely pads,
subtle vocals, techy drums, funky bass riff, dubby synths
and fx create an uplifting vibe woven into an athmosphere
similar to the one on his classic vinyl releases on Citrus,
Love and Fokuz Limited in the years of 2004 and 2005.

320 kbps mp3 + mirror:
T-FREE063: Kaiza feat. Try and Error - "Blitz"

"Blitz" is an experimental tune, rather far out
and flexing the generic borders of Techno-DNB.
Kaiza and Try and Error put together an unusual
mixture of tribal, dubby and technoid elements.
The result is this hypnotic "minimal" tune with
a strong focus on percussions and the bassdrum.

320 kbps mp3 + mirror:
"Sourcream Remixes" [T-FREE-LP001]

In 2006, a team of two producers from the Trio-Music crew made
the tune "Sourcream", released on vinyl later in the same year.
Since then it has been remixed by quite a number of producers.
And even though the duo behind the original has split in 2007,
some of these remixes were just too good to remain unreleased.
Thus, a remix album on T-Files was planned in 2008. But it did
not come out as planned because one remix was not yet finished
and the project was put to a halt, waiting for the last remix.
Now that last remix is ready and the plan could be realized,
but some time has passed and artists have moved on musically:
the remixes do not anymore represent their sound and style today.
So they are now finally released as an LP on T-FREE for teh ages.

1. Histibe - "Sourcream RMX"
2. Cyclone - "Sourcream RMX"
3. Tamas - "Sourcream RMX"
4. The Phalanx - "Sourcream RMX"
5. Isotop + Shots - "Sourcream RMX"
6. Raytem - "Sourcream RMX"
7. Spinor - "Sourcream RMX"

320 kbps mp3:



artist links:
T-FREE064: Dementia - "Rockstar"

Since "Appendix" [T-FREE028], the unstoppable Dementia
has had a bunch of vinyl releases on labels such as
Trust In Music, Disturbed, Shadow Law, .shadybrain,
Flight, Citrus and DSCI4. He toured the world and
doubtlessly made himself a well established artist,
and he will not stop here at all. With many more
Drum & Bass releases to follow in the future and
with his House sideproject "The City Of Dogs", his
musical career will be quite interesting to watch!
Today he returns to T-FREE with a Birthday present
to the scene: "Rockstar", another lost tune released.

320 kbps mp3 + mirror: