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Kombat Bass

Aug 6, 2003
Thats right the one like System is on Kombat Bass duties this week...

Droppin all those bomb tunes that everyones been talking about of late .. I expect Blame, ASC, Big Bud, Vector Burn (Maybe?) all to be featured!

System has been a champion of cutting edge breaks and bass since 1995. Growing up, he was influenced by many types of music, but the sounds of such acts as Kraftwerk, Joy Division and Depeche Mode made an indelible mark. When he discovered hiphop, techno, house, and drum and bass, he instantly indentified with them, paving the way for his rise as a DJ within the dance music scene. Nowadays, he is one of the few DJ's in the country consistently representing the progressive sounds of drum and bass, offering an alternative to the hard, dark sounds so prevalent in the scene today.

System's turntable prowess shows the time he has devoted to the art. Combining mixing with sharp and strategic fader cuts, he divides the elements of each track to create seamless new creations, while destroying the seams. He has played alongside a wide range of artists, including LTJ Bukem, Blame, Total Science, J Majik, Bailey, DJ Rap, Kenny Ken, and Marcus Intallex, at events such as "Groove Therapy". Lately, he has hard at work in the studio, blending atmosphere and texture, with uptempo bone-rattling beats. He continues to strive to make the most creative and mind blowing dance music that he can. The future looks bright for System, and with more dubplates in his crate, he is constantly at the ready to bring the sophisticated sound of drum and bass to the people.

And guess what.... KOMBAT BASS now in Hi Fi and Lo Fi! For those that dont know Lo Fi is Dial up Modem and is streamed at 16 bit where Hi Fi is Cable bizness and is 64 bit and is alot better quality sound...alot BETTER!

Any ways heres the details :

Monday Night - 6.30pm - 9pm AEDT (+10GMT) - For 56k Lo Fi - Fo CABLE Hi Fi Bizness!

or and just click the Hi or Lo Fi Link!


Hit us up at - For Shouts and Requests!

Kick Back and Enjoy!

KOMBAT BASS bringing dnb musical pleasure on a Monday Night Internet Styles - WORLDWIDE!

Come see how Melbourne, Australia Run things DnB wise without leaving your chair!!
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