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System Reload

On the 13th of April the first edition of System Reload will take place. System Reload is a whole new hard and uplifting drum&bass concept and represents the darker and rougher side of drum&bass. With this concept the System Reload crew is trying to create an innovative event in the strong developing drum&bass scene. The location, artists and a lot of specials, together create a unique party.

Club 8 is the perfect location for System Reload, because of its good reputation and underground atmosphere. Recently they made it possible for the die hard party people to dance until the late hours. Not only Club 8 has room for more then 300 visitors, it still leaves us plenty of space for some entertainment, visuals and special effects.

To develop an original line-up that shows a lot of diversity, the System Reload crew had to put in a lot of energy in searching for a suitable cross-over of drum&bass and hardcore. You will not only find the harder styles of drum&bass on this party, but also industrial hardcore and breakcore influences. A line-up with artists who all represent their own style, will surprise the audience the best they can; Eye-D focuses on the dark side of drum&bass and sometimes tends to industrial hardcore, while Flanagan get’s the party jumpin’ with his rolling drum&bass and furious mixing skills.
Predator, a well known artist in the hardcore scene but very appreciated in the drum&bass scene as well, was challenged to perform together with Flanagan.
Last but not least, an artist never seen in Europe before, will finally perform on Dutch decks; Paul Blackout! This legend produces dark and dirty drum&bass, and by that he released some heavy drum&bass tracks that are a little bit much for the “majority of the scene”.

Because music is the most important aspect of the evening, the choice has been made not to let a MC perform. Therefore the evening will be hosted by a very talented female artist, The Colour of Sin. More specific info about the artists will be found further on the website.
Another important aspect is the sound, therefore the sound system in Club 8 will be completed by extra effects. Visuals and surprising entertainment will turn System Reload into an unforgettable night!

We hope to see you on Friday the 13th of April!

More info

Party: System Reload
Date: 13th of April 2007
Time: 22 till 06
Location: Club 8, Amsterdam