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Jul 2, 2017
why is it when i’m making certain sounds in logics es2 they are quite good and close to my end goal. BUT.......
i try the same in serum and the sounds way different.
i manipulate the same controls too.


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Feb 3, 2012
East sussex
"Why is it when im turning the steering wheel of this mercedes it corners quite good and is close to the bend. BUT....
I try the same in bmw and it corners way different.
i manipulate the same controls too"

its a different synth its programmed differently, each function wont have the same effect. I would just muck about in es2 but use serum full time cause you will get many more different sounds easier and quicker out of serum. I started with es2 and it worked well when i was new but its just doesnt have the capabilities and fast work flow compared to serum or massive which is what i use
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