Synth experiment (trying to get a neuro sound)

This is just an experiment if anyone can be ar$ed checking it out so I can learn about and progress my growls (don't worry about the track as a whole its just to make it less boring for me).

The first thing I need to say is the main growl in this isn't strictly mine, its a sample which I have added distortion to it and its got the weight I'm aiming for in the ones I am trying to design. So to be clear the one which is not mine follows the sub, I'm using it to have something to reference.

My two synths you can hear on their own in the breakdown at 1:56, the ones that sound like farts :D. The one on the 4th beat is two squares, distortion and a bit of reverb, and filter sweep; the one on the 8th beat is a saw pair, high passed, with distortion and reverb. To me they sound like they have too much air or something but when I try to reduce that they sound muffled.

Any advice on adding some much needed attitude to them in a similar way to the synth which follows the sub? Are they un-polishable turds?