synth books?


Oct 27, 2008
basically i can produce tight drums that im really pleased with now but i havnt got a clue about synths and am tired of modifying pre-set's so i wanna do some reading really on how they work etc. i have massive an z3ta can anyone reccomend any good books on these synths or just synths in general



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Dec 27, 2008
Bury St. Edmunds
Personally id have a look on youtube for some z3ta synth tutorials
I know theres plenty of massive tuts on there
Get yourself an pen and paper and note things down as you go
Or just have a go on the fly
After a few you should start to see the basics of oscillation etc
Then youll notice most synths are set out the same but with a few extra curls and ribbons of their own ;)


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Dec 3, 2010
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You to the Tube. Any tutorial that takes you from the "Default" preset [everything blank, maybe a sine wave] and onwards will be REALLY helpful and teach you freaking loads about how synths are built, how they work, how the signal is processed and all that jazz.

I've been learning tons lately from Sytrus and 3 X Osc videos on YouTube, most of the know how is universal. Hell, I've been figuring out stuff by watching tutorials for Toxic Biohazard, a synth I rarely use at all.
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