Synertia- August Mix


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Download it here

check out the other mixes there

for stream use cunning linguists stream for low quality... here

1. Concorde Dawn- Morning Light- Timeless 00:00
2. Messiah 1- The Relic (Gridlok Rmx)- Negaverse 03:53
3. Dom & Kemal- Moulin Rouge- Moving Shadow 07:57
4. Capone- Twist Em Out- Rennegade Hardware 10:46
5. Ram Trilogy- Huggy Bear- Ram 14:22
6. Kemal- Pace- Cryptic Audio 15:50
7. Trace & Fresh- Mutated X- Breakbeat Punk 18:49
8. DJ Ink- Murder Inc. (Twisted Anger)- Rennegade Hardware 22:52
9. Dom & Roland- Mordor- Moving Shadow 26:24
10. Universal Project- Jackhammer- Cyclon 31:20
11. Twisted Individual + APB- Hand Grenade- Grid 34:33
12. Total Science- Skystalker- CIA 37:23
13. Future Prophecies- Stalker- G2 40:32


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Re: really in hky?

Originally posted by overhere51
haven't got a chance to listen to the mix yet, but are you really in hickory?
I was but now i'm in Fredericksburg VA for college. But yes, I am from hickory