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Nov 9, 2010
does anybody have any 'swoosh' sounds that will go well dubstep or drum & bass.

it sounds similar to a reverse hat, but without the tingy hat'y sounds. funtcase uses it in this video (, he uses it before the snare.

didnt know if anybody had some good samples of it that would go well with drum & bass / dubstep
Okay, I started watching the vid but without any pointer as to when the sound actually comes in I lost interest and I'm not about to look through the whole thing searching for a sound like what I think you might be talking about.

My guess is you're looking for a reverse snare or a reverse hat - maybe timestretched - with a slight high cut filter / EQ tinkering.
I didn't actually check the video man but as ApeCat says you are probably looking for a reversed hat or snare. You can find samples of reversed stuff already or alternatively find the snare/hat you want to use and reverse it yourself :)

Another otion could be using white noise! Something I do with white noise, instead of simply rising volume, is to apply a lowpass filter and automate the filter cutoff as if it were volume. Then as the cut off increases you get the sounds slowly come out :) Try it out if you haven't before! :D
What he said. What I like to do - if I'm using noise for "swooshes" like this is add a little chorus and different effects to them and set the frequencies to kick in sort of off beat, so that every time the swoosh noise comes in it sounds a lickle bit different. You can also add a delay, reverb or both to the very end of the effects chain - after the low pass filter which will make the sound of the whole sweep stay around for longer, in sort of ghost form.
If you reverse a really splashy crash cymbal it sounds really nice, EQ add some sort of modulation like flanger or phaser add some reverb and make some hip club tracks! :lol:
that is if you are using it for transitions. tbh I didn't watch the video either.

You can get cool sounds in general reversing any sort of drum percussion sound, especially if you a reverse a sound and lead it back into itself (i.e. a reversed snare leading up to it's unreversed self) it can really add character to what you are doing.

Also you could do the reverse reverb trick to get really awesome "swooshes".
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