"Switchblade - Salvation" - NEW TRACK! Pretty dark stuff


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A few good ideas but a few bad bits as well. The drums are weak in the mix. The intro was ok, I was getting into it. The melody/chords were a little predictable but not the end of the world. Then there was a weird filter/volume drop before the 'drop'. Just didn't like it.
The drop didn't really happen. No power and the drums stayed hidden. And the Lfo'd lead thing coming in was a bit 'special chow mein'. Every fuckin thing thrown in together.
I like the direction you're heading in but not there yet.
I think I've said this before in another thread, I don't know much about production and stuff, but I'm a music theory geek, so I'll just say what I think musically. It's pretty sound, you've got the typical 'build up' progression happening, it's good, but it wanes after a while because you don't move on from it. I keep expecting a new theme to come in after one of the build ups but then I just get more build up, and it's kinda an anti-climax. I think maybe if you wrote another theme to go into after one of the many build ups this could be pretty awesome.