Switch Bitch - Mix Advice Appreciated :D

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by switchbitch, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    Hey! So this is my first post on this forum and I come to you guys in serious need of some advice. I finished these mixes for my band and recently uploaded them on Soundcloud. This is my first forray into electronica so I would really love to know what the aural experts and sound-smiths think of these. There are two songs, both quite different from the other. Any advice would be welcome. I'm still trying to tame this shrew :). Please check them out here:

    Thank you so much :D!
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    Aug 13, 2013
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    Is it just me who can't see the tracks? If they're set on private you need to give us the secret link under 'share', not just the web adress at the top of the page