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I use to have this friend that I was not all that emotionally in to, and I am pretty sure she felt that way about me. We would fuck like rabbits and always would push the envelope of our sexual bounds with each other. After some discussions we decided to go to swingers party together. We had been in threesomes before and thought this could be fun. So we headed to the Internet so sign up for some swingers parties. Boy oh boy did we get excited and within a day we got invited to tons of parties across the eastern seaboard. That Friday we showed up to our first party. There we found a buffet of the toothless obese rednecks, any black out drunk guy would want to fuck. But we politely declined and we were on our way. For three weeks we went to several different different parties only to find that swingers are by and large gross, and we gave up. Good luck at your festival!