SweetStarZ - Rising Sun

Sounds nice so far, imo I believe it could have done with something more in the intro to make it slightly more interesting. No problems with the levels at all. good work :)
White noise in the intro comes in too hard in my opinion, sounds a bit too loud. I hate the sound of the snare, there are some dissonance issues here and there were the different instruments kind of clash, could be because of using detuned presets on your synths or something, I don't know.. The drums could do with some more layers / variation.
Seems like the feedback is somewhat positive. Anyhow, the dissonance is intended by myself. Also yes, the drums could vary but I wanted to keep it minimal. On what comes to the instruments clashing I guess it's just my skill that is not enough... I'm a new producer :\ . Any tips?
Anyhow, the dissonance is intended by myself [...] On what comes to the instruments clashing I guess it's just my skill that is not enough

I don't think I made myself clear.. The dissonance and instruments clashing were one piece of beef, so saying one of them was intentional and the other a real issue doesn't really make sense. Some of the notes played by different instruments, at the same time, make dissonant chords [I'm not really down with musical lingo, so bear with me here..] and it makes the tune unpleasant to listen to. I can agree to a certain extent that it makes for an interesting effect, in some parts, but when there are multiple instruments playing against eachother it sounds plain bad, it's just too much.

Any tips.. I guess trying to play chords on a single synth instrument, or a guitar or a piano if you've got one, pick out notes that sound good together [there are people here who know shitloads more about chords and chord progression and shit than me] and try to make up lines with your different instruments that make them play those chords together.
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