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Feb 21, 2003
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How does one program a sweep or a pad in a synth or sampler? Im using Reason and Im trying to create sweeps and pads from scratch using synths and samples. Im trying to study others, but Im fairly new so Im not too familiar with frequency ranges and envelopes. If anyone could explain to me how I could go about doing this, Id be most grateful. Thanx in advance!!


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Oct 31, 2002
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s'all about the filter automation..... try putting an LFO on a badnpass filter - You'll prob want to put an synced LFO on the width aswell, so the filter takes in more freqs in the low end of the spectrum :thumbsup: mess around with other filters - highpass / lowpass - both essential for pads. Also try some EQ automation - and plenty of reverb!

but the main key to pads is layering.... dont just use one synth or one sample... layer fuckloads together to get a nice thick texture :slayer: automate them all together, and put some high quality reverb on too (no cheap reverbs!) id reccomend waves Trueverb
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