swamp thing - best tune in the mix?

swamp thing, best tune in the mix?

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what can u say, its just fantastic! makes my arm hair stand on end when its doubled nicley!
i think thats a sign of a great tune!
i brought the dimensions 2 lp and for some reason i got 2 copies of swamp thing but none of fly away home! wasn;t that pissed off tho!
its still avaliable to buy so i might treat myself to it and sell the 2 copies of swamp thing when u cant buy them anymore!
yeah if u mix jump up.... which i do not, hence my answer being no.

i don't mix jump up. but i can roll this tune with anything, just earlier i had it going with 1up by spor and destiny comes ringing by break and later i'm probably gonna roll it out with some old mathmatics or accidental heroes, i might even try it with exodus
Definately a killer tune- Sounds Sick with Bass, but still sounds pretty sweet being left to roll in the background 'Dut Dut Dut Dut Dut Dut Duh Doo'

Played this at my event last Friday, will NEVER leave the box! Still fresh to hear every now and then :)
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