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    These are currently the most popular D&B Downloads from our site.

    1. Jaydan - The Driller Killer EP
    Label: Ganja Recordings
    Cat No: RPG034
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=8082

    2. Serial Killaz - Release: Mash You Down / Live From Studio 1
    Label: Ganja Recordings
    Cat No: RPG0324
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=8083

    3. Jonny Cage - Bass Hertz / Terminator X
    Label: Frontline Records
    Cat No: FRONT099
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=8081

    4. Crystal Clear - Strength In Numbers EP
    Label: Frontline Records
    Cat No: FRONT100D
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=8080

    5. Calibre, A Sides and MC Fats - NeighbourHood / Mista Muscle
    Label: Liq-Weed Ganja Recordings
    Cat No: LIQWEED003
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=8079

    6. Taxman - Dreamland / Acid - Released Yesterday!
    Label: Liq-Weed Ganja Recordings
    Cat No: LIQWEED015
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7861

    7. Mampi Swift - Black Box / Dark River - Released Yesterday!
    Label: Charge Recordings
    Cat No: CHRG042DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7618

    8. Ray Keith - Freedom - Released Yesterday!
    Label: Penny Black
    Cat No: PBL003DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7765

    10. Dope Ammo - Cold Rock A Party Remixes - Released Last Week!
    Label: Dope Ammo
    Cat No: DA022DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7768

    11. Micky Finn and Erb N Dub - 90 Seconds (Sensai Remix) / My Dog (VIP)- Released Last Week!
    Label: Finn People
    Cat No: FINN019DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7813

    12. Sensai, Heist and Dr Dub - Interrogate / Afraid - Released Last Week!
    Label: Calypso
    Cat No: CALYPSO016DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7816

    13. S.P.Y. - Feel The Music / The Bug - Released Last Week!
    Label: Spearhead
    Cat No: SPEAR031DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7788

    14. Serum - Souped Up / Push It - Released this month!
    Label: Co Lab
    Cat No: COLAB020DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7815

    15. Calibre and Jet Li - Pop / Lydias Ryme - Released this month!
    Label: Phase 2
    Cat No: PHASE2001DG
    Listen/Buy: http://www.swagrecords.biz/record.asp?p=7620

    Enjoy the Tunes!
    Swag Records.