Sustained Records Miserable Sodcast 01 DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

M Boi

May 12, 2006

The Sustained Records Miserable Sodcast 01 is available for download. It features me (MacheeeN Boi) and Scheme Boy throwing down a couple of Ableton sets and chatting nonsense. You can check out loads of future releases, VIP tracks and get an insight into our world.

It can be downloaded from

Mucho respect to Scheme Boy for helping put it together

I hope you enjoy

Peace and fucking

P.S Yeah I know I got a track ID slightly wrong, I was pretty drunk. Where I say Slave to life is Dylan and Limewax it is in fact Dylan and B Key - Slave to life (Limewax VIP). Just had to clear that up before smart arses tell me something I already know!!
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