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    Hi people

    Here at Sustained Records HQ I have been busy setting up 2 exclusive MP3 stores where you can get your hands on a variety of Core n Bass MP3s. You can purchase MP3s of...

    The Teknoist - Theres Nothing Here For You
    Throttler – I Don’t Dance
    I:Gor – Obak
    I:gor – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    These tracks are still available on 12” from most decent online record stores.

    I have just set up Sustained Digital, a purely digital download side of the label. The first release is 2 tracks, ‘Flangebatter’ and ‘Alter of God’, by Jakub23, a rising star from Oxford in the UK.

    Check out
    Or DESC

    The Memento Mori EP (SSTD003) has been postponed slightly but will be released on a 12” double pack very soon. It features 4 top notch, ear bending, soul wrenching tracks from DJ Hidden and I:Gor ...

    Clips of the tracks are available on

    A. DJ Hidden – Earth Cry
    B. DJ Hidden – Ten Direction Ambush
    C. I:Gor – Were Not Most People
    D. I:Gor - Plastic Axe

    10% of profit from every record and MP3 sale goes to environmental causes.

    Because I’m a caring sharing kind of guy i thought i would feed your ears. Here are some mixes you can download for free...

    MacheeeN Boi @ Tinnitus, Sheffield. 13.03.09 this was recorded live using Ableton and decks. (Check out or for info on this sick night)

    MacheeeN Boi Retrospaztic Mix for The Other Side Radio – Feb 2009

    The Sustained Records Miserable Sodcast 02 Featuring The Teknoist

    The Sustained Records Miserable Sodcast 01 Featuring Scheme Boy

    (if you are using firefox and the mixes start playing immediately, go to ‘File’ then ‘Save Page As’ if you want to keep it)

    safe. x