Survival Story - The Ragga Jungle Compilation

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    24 Ragga-Jungle Producers from around the globe - 1 Compilation!


    "Survival Story - The Ragga Jungle Compilation" was born in late 2006 as part of a discussion on the message board, a popular online gathering spot for Ragga Jungle Producers, DJ's, fans and enthusiasts in general. Since it is quite common for producers to share their tunes for listening and feedback purposes on this internet message board, a thread (or “topic”) discussed the lack of releases and the difficulties some producers might face trying to put their tunes out. The idea for a compilation was tossed around, and New York City based DJ and long time Ragga-Jungle enthusiast Amadeus Tunis (who goes by “Amadeus”), decided to make this compilation a reality. The support by the community was whole hearted right from the start, so to keep things fair, a voting process was set up and any producer who was interested was allowed to enter up to three tunes, which were voted on by people from around the world. The compilation began to take shape, and after the results were in, the decision was made to make it a double-CD, in order to showcase more tunes than the initially planned single CD release. Featuring producers from many different countries, such as Canada, USA, UK, France, Turkey, Austria to name a few, SURVIVAL STORY showcases talent with varying degrees of experience, discographies, sounds and style in order to present a multicolored slice of the many facets of today’s international Ragga-Jungle scene.

    “I hope you enjoy this important piece of Ragga Jungle history, since compilations such as this one are not common and I am looking forward to further volumes to keep spreading this sound into all corners
    of the world and promote the reality that a sound often thought dead is very much alive with producers, DJ’s and fans of all ages, with an intense passion and respect for this sound and the Reggae / Dancehall
    culture it is so closely related to. ”

    Respect & Blessings