Survival presents, Survival LP (Exit)


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Couldn't find a thread about this so i thought i'd make one, the full CD album will consist of the following tracks...

1. Walk on by
2. Heeding the sign
3. Hit when you're down
4. Even now
5. Feelings gone
6. Still don't know
7. Terrain
8. Ascendancy
9. Seventh sign
10. Too little too late
11. Burned out
12. Foreshadow
13. Field of vision

The album will also be a released as a 3 plate LP containing the following...

a/ Heeding the sign
b/ Even now
c/ Seventh sign
d/ Too little too late
e/ Burned out
f/ Foreshadow

Promos are now available for pre-order on redeye, no audio as of yet though =/ If anyone has audio please post it up!!

I'm really looking forward to hearing this, love survival's style