Survival "Friendly Fire" b/w "The Sun" - Horizons Music 17


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Survival "Friendly Fire" b/w "The Sun"

One of the true shining stars of the new school, Survival has seemingly jumped from pure seclusion to one of the freshest producers in the scene at the moment. This solo 12” for Horizons Music should help solidify the statue of funk that Survival is bringing to the game at this present time. “Friendly Fire” starts out innocent enough, with a cascade of guitar strums, echoing in and out. This drops into a deep dub atmosphere, with big bass drops and a rollin’ drum to help enhance the suspense. That one is for the subtle, somber massive, and is the perfect contrast to “The Sun”, which is a bit bouncier and bright. It is still on the same “dub” vibe as the A side, but the sounds are a lot bigger, with a serious bass tone waving in and out of the track. It flows like the ocean, building from one tone into something major, adding interesting ideas and sounds with every pass. Add to the stew tight drum work and some dubbed out vocals, and it’s all she wrote. If you are still not convinced that Survival is the future, all hope will have been lost. Keep it HMG.
Go grab that 12" wherever good music is sold. And be sure to check out Survival's Month of Horizons Mix, available for free from DOA.

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