Survival "First / Exile" Dispatch Recordings - Out today


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Ez all,

Survival's latest release on Dispatch has hit the stores today.

"First" is Survival at his musical best and is a track that has grown a mass of support since its airing on one of Marcus Intalex's Soul:ution Radio mixes.

"Exile" is a perfect flip and by no means a b-side, beware of the extremely low sub on this one and play loud!

Audio of this release is available on >

Support from Marcus Intalex, Fabio, Ant TC1, Stress Level, DBridge, AI, Klute, Zero Tolerance etc.

Buy this release HERE >
the release is also available from many other on-line stores.

Note - this is the full 12" release version of the track and is not a white label release.

Watch out for Tactile "Caravan (Ant TC1 & Stress Level rmx) / LIS "Window Quay" which is out on Dispatch 12.11.2007!

MP3 release next month. For dispatch MP3's go to >