Survey - Grid Sheet / All in All [Forthcoming 4/03/2013]

As the year 2013 starts to pick up the pace Protect Audio is back once again for its 5th release in the form of two tracks from artist duo 'Survey'. Berlin's Stephan Albrecht & Hardy Schulz are the men behind the name, and with them they bring years of individual production and DJ experience now safely housed under the one alias.

First off we have 'Grid Sheet' which wastes absolutely no time at all in introducing you to the duos dark and heavy sound. Sinister, siren-like screams move in and out whilst combining with the snarls of tortured synthesized bass to give this track a thoroughly frightening feel. Add in the intricately put together kick-based percussion and this track has everything the DJ needs to shock the audience to attention.

On the B-side lies 'All In All' which brings back the dark old-school roller with a nice dash of modern-day production quality. This track has a feel of sci-fi mixed with a tough and gritty nature, dropping its bass on the listener like a punch in the chest. Once again you will find the growls of chopped synthesised sounds and stabs accompanied by crisp rolling beats and low end drone-like textures that really push home this modern-day industrial sound.

Out next Monday! 4th March.