Surplus - Soul Trader Records 1st Birthday Mix


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Did a search and couldn't find this one....

Been so impressed with Soul Trader & Surplus this year. Big up Lance behind the scenes!

Hannah Eve and The Vanguard Project - Untitled (Soul Trader Dub)
Hannah Eve, Satl and Elka - Endless Daze (Command Strange Remix) (Soul Trader Dub)
ALB and Subdivsion - Lately (GLXY Remix) (Soul Trader Dub)
L-side and Alibi - Lay Low (V Recordings)
Serum - Species (31 Records)
Conscience - U Make Me Feel (HLZ Remix) (Flexout Audio)
Hypoxia and HYQXYZ - Ripgroove (Eatbrain Promo)
Satl - Girl (Soul Trader Dub)
M-Set - Another One (Soul Trader Dub)
Satl - Good To Me (Fokuz Dub)
AudioSketch, HumaNature and Surplus - Day is Done (Dub)
Mcleod - Stolen Kisses (Soul Trader)
Data 3 - Molly (Soul Trader Dub)
Phase - A Different Space (Warm Communications Dub)
Villem and BCee - What We Got (Soul Trader Dub)
Data 3 - You and I ft Blake (Soul Trader Dub)
FD - Snowdrops (Spearhead)
Macca and Loz Contreras - Love Me (Fokuz Promo)
Malaky and Satl - Her (Zero T Remix) (Soul Trader Dub)
Drifta - Here With Me Feat (Total Science Remix) (Soul Trader)
GLXY - Small Talk (Soul Trader c/o Soul Vent)
Hannah Eve, Simplification and Translate - This Love (Soul Trader Dub)
Silence Groove - Cheeky Growler (Soul Trader Dub)
Dawn Wall - You Remember (Integral)
Silence Groove - Alrite (Dub)
Malaky and Satl - Be Mine (Fokuz Promo)
FD - Still The Same (Spearhead)
David Boomah and Rowpieces - Wish Upon a Star (Forward Ever Promo)
BCee - Come and Join Us (Klute Remix) (Spearhead promo)
Commix - Be True (???? Bootleg) (Dub)


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