Surgical Eq-ing ;)


nice article there, ive not read much things on Eqing but it was pleasing to see what he was doing is basically what i do, but ive read interesting alternates, for example :

i read in a book, this guy said that if you EQ shit while its playing your ears wont hear it because its a gradual thing, we can tell the difference in sound when it goes on and off, as opposed to slowly changing.. hope i explained that right, anyway...

the book said, first, listen to the thing you want to EQ, then mute it or stop it playing, and imagine how you want it to sound in your head, then grab your EQ and make some adjustments without the sound playing, basically guessing where in the spectrum you might think it will help the sound get to the sound in your head..

then, press play, or unmute and listen to the difference, then turn the EQ off, and listen to the original, then reset the Eq, or adjust it again, basically you keep stopping the sound, and listening to the Eq'd version and the non Eq'd version over and over and its apparently way better than just blind sweeping of the eq until it sounds right whilst the sound is playing, better for how our brain works..

i guess it just takes some patience and practice, sorry if that was no help to anyone.


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i actually joined the premium membershiop of this site. tons of info inside, think it is like $9. they have a few dnb specific ones in the premium tutorials.