Surfing on the bassline!

Yo all!

Name's Antoine, known as thunderPunch on the forum. I'm 17, from Canada. (who knew we didn't only listen to Nickleback and Celine Dion?)

So, I've been seriously in the genre for around 2-3 years. Basically like everyone I know who likes DnB, my never quenchable thirst for high BPM bangers came from my dad who used to listen to a lot of Pendulum (Back when Hold Your Colour came out (2005)). I really liked it because back then, I didn't even know that electronic music actually existed. Years passed and I realised how good Drum & Bass actually is and how much of a place it's currently taking in my life. I met some people on the Internet that share the same interest and one of them made me discover this forum. Before that, I had no idea it was a thing; just a bunch of passionate fellows who like to bob their heads and tap their feet to the addicting music that artists spend lots of time working on to deliver the best drum and bassline combination.

What I like about the genre is that's it's diverse and it has soul to it. Some artists really dig deep to add emotion and feel to their tracks and I think it's one of the best features of DnB.

If you want to know what kind of stuff I'm currently in, I'd give this as an example. It's melodic but the bassline is distinct and it doesn't lose it's charm. I'm around everything, but mostly liquid-with-a-fine-bassline kind of jam.

If you want to know even more, then I'm open to any type of conversations, I love to share tracks with other people! There's always a place for new songs/more underground stuff.

Hope to see you in the forums!



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welcome, and may i say that is a charming username. do we already have a falcon panch btw. mental note, register such an account.