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    On July 4th 2011, SurePlayaz once again set high standards with their latest compilation album; 'Illegal Bass'.

    Featuring 28 of the hottest tracks in different flavours of Garage, Drum and Bass and Dubstep, but all have one key ingredient... BASS!

    For this monster album, SurePlayaz have teamed up with indie underdogs Dub Force One, to bring you 10 tracks from some of the fiercest new breeds around - as well as bringing in a big gun to show you how its done!

    This is an album for true dance music fans and is sure to cause serious bass faces all across the globe!

    SurePlayaz Presents: Illegal Bass will be in shops on 4th July on both CD format and as Digital Download!

    T R A C K L I S T :

    CD 1

    1. Danny Byrd ft. Netsky – Tonight
    2. Nero - Bad Trip
    3. Emalkay - Power Tool
    4. Trolley Snatcha - Rocco's Revenge
    5. Joker & Ginz - Purple City
    6. Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Tek-One Remix)
    7. Grumblex - Machine
    8. Shock One - Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix)
    9. Cotti Ft. Crazy D - Skankers
    10. Depone - Test Me
    11. Starboy Nathan - Diamons (Roni Size Remix)
    12. Metik Ft. Jan Burton - The Arrival
    13. Heist - Personal Mutant
    14. Dr Bloodnugget - Smog

    CD 2

    1. Ginz & Kool Money Kwame - Wetwipe Riddim
    2. The Spit Brothers – Gatekeepers
    3. Bledbox – Cold Omen
    4. Hanlo - Gaia
    5. Doomtrooper - Irradiated Pimp
    6. Antiserum & Dubsworth - Ugly Mon
    7. The Resistance – Look Closer
    8. Bled Templars Alliance – Somewhere
    9. Johnny Global – Beat Me
    10. Seb Bruen - Fabrication
    11. El Pecado - Hooters Tooters
    12. Lucidity Lo-Fi – Junkyard Glitch Blues
    13. Buruburu - Horizon
    14. Zarif ( Breakage Remix) – Over

    Also availble with the digital release of the album are 2 extra tracks and an exclusive album mix by Bledbox, head of Dub Force One!

    Preview the album here:

    And check out Bledbox's album mix here:

    And an exclusive SurePlayaz Presents mix with Hanlo B2B Deckard!

    Please also check out these relevant links!

    Any questions or general talk about the album then please post here!
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