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Sep 3, 2012
DnB Arena 10th Anniversary at Ministry of Sound Documentary 2006

yup ... i had saved this video when i first saw it back in 2006 on their website !! lot of them are already there on youtube but i was not able to find this one anywhere .. so thought its better ill upload it ;) .. so here's the clip..Enjoyyy!!!! hey, any of the heads here been to this one ???

btw, if anyone wann know why the flyer says 'Drum n Bass is Dead . Long Live Drum n Bass
then here's what the designer said -
The 10 year statement is meant to announce a new beginning, a clean slate
for the scene, as well as celebrate it's history. It's this sloganeering attitude
which D&BArena's audience have come to expect,
(it also looks good on t-shirts).

original source - http://forum.breakbeat.co.uk/tm.aspx?m=1968490602




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