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mostley Romanians doe irl
Is that bad? I had a girl name Romania, Rome for short. She is the reason I know not to trust girls that repeatedly refer to you as 'motherfucker', it's a bad thing, really, it is. It might seem street or funny or kind of hip hop maybe, but its not, it really isnt. This is the word non English-speaking people think is the worst word in the English language and if she uses it to your face more than once per day, and still maintains a relationship with you, this bitch is crazy. And I don't mean that in a good way, she was mental, remember the girl I told you about that wanted me to piss on her? That's her.

Russell Brand

ah, emma! the bride of the sleeping god.

i wouldve expected more of you Russel Brand, she is very inexperienced, i took you for the patient type with all that yoga you do? or was this a rushed cocaine-and-vodka kind of last minute decision just as everyone were leaving the soiree to head out to the limos which were to take you to the red carpet at the awards thing? that combination always does get a man randy, terminally so, beleive me, i know, i guess it mustve got to your head like a heat stroke, and you ran out the room looking for something to fuck and didnt notice it was emma until you had your pants back on, in a totally different location, talking shit with johnny depp or someone like that. i can relate, i really can.

only i didnt fuck emma watson, i fucked a fat bitch with pubic hair like the beard of the bass player in QOTSAs "noone knows" video after a squat rave in a circus festival. didnt halfstep it neither, nuh uh, took her home, banged her 10 times as i yodeled like a mountain goat, paraded her around to all my flat mates in the morning saying it was my wife, and then i took her to the park and ran off with her shoes. to buy herons. her jeans were ripped to shreds too for some reason. ahaaaaaaaaaaa that fat bitch haha she was so fucking fat.

and on that note, heres QOTSA with their classic "noone knows", you will notice said beard at 00:44, 03:39-03:45 kind of thing. arousing to the point of heart attack. possibly. i cant say my repulsion really allows me much memory. not just of her, but of pretty much anything tbh.

ANYWAY, you know what, i feel good today. like really good. i think im gonna go for a walk on the beach, take a swim, have a bottle marguerita and a bacon + cheese sammich. then play the electric guitar. aw yeah boy, im gonna WAIL this is gonna be sooo rad. talk later, x
Sometimes one feels a bit randy, and there is a perfectly reasonable vagin