SUPER SPACECAMP PSYFARI August 21 - August 24 Saint Charles, Iowa

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    SUPER SPACECAMP PSYFARI August 21 - August 24
    Saint Charles, Iowa

    Imagine the planet Trypton. The home world of many superheroes, surrounded by alien forces, who invade from an orbiting space station!

    It has beautiful glowing wetlands strewn with Tryptonite and dripping in fluorescent goo. Rumor has it, there’s an ancient ship still emitting alien frequencies, crashed deep in the woods.

    This year’s excursion will feature three main environments, each with unique lighting, deco, and amenities; each one, a main stage worthy of it’s own event.

    Additionally, you may find yourself camped in bat country.

    Visual Effects -
    Amazing Lasers - Dual 7 watt full color laser cannons that have been circling the globe melting faces with advanced software and precision control.

    Nephilnine Deco - Massive stretch fabric installations growing organically from all surfaces.

    Neural Patterns Deco - String art built on custom carpentry by a master of the trade.

    Psynesthesia Deco - Custom Stretch fabric and a unique psychedelic vending stand from Spacecamp Psyfari’s own Krikett

    Chilluminati’s Primordial Boobze Deco and SpacecampPsyfari’s Seins Projects

    ECO Pavillion by Avery Runner - Custom fabric pavilion that will be video mapped

    VJ’s Paka Paka, Nels0n Mandala, and Trypticon will be manning the holodeck controls with a complete video mapping of the advanced technology center and the ECO installation.

    Kime Ceiszynsky Photography - She’ll make you look great and the party pics will look just like the fairy land you remember.

    Cherie Straw Transformations - Facial rearrangements and superhero transformations by Iowa’s most radical makeup artist.

    Tree of Life Creativeware - Sharing love and light for all by helping you become in tune with your body, mind and soul♥~

    Eccentrippy - Upcycled unique garments for the discerning time traveler.

    Russell Burton Art - Fluorescent Mandala’s and live painting.

    This is an 18+, leave no trace, multigenre music and arts festival.
    All dogs must have capes.
    Costumes are highly encouraged.

    We provide four days and three nights of camping, two outdoor stages, a pond, an air conditioned indoor stage, onsite food, clothing, and art vending, with a nice selection of transformational workshops provided by community experts.
    If you would like to share art or do a workshop, please contact Lilly Maree
    If you would like to vend, Please contact Joshua Thompson

    Ticketing -

    $60 limited time special until Flyer is released
    $65 Until June 1st
    $75 June 1st until Aug 7th
    $100 door
    Limited edition glow in the dark t-shirts available for $15(delivered at the front gate)

    Door’s open at 5 pm on thursday August 21st.
    Music starts at 7 pm and goes until 2 pm sunday.
    There will be one stage thursday night and four stages friday and saturday.


    Mr. Bill - Glitch Hop (Australia)
    The Mr. Bill project is based on evocation, I like to write music that excites the ear and the brain. This requires me to explore a vast range of strange production methods and musical theories to keep exciting my senses. The best way to describe the music associated with this project is a mix of unlatched, glitchy breakbeats, heavy, swung-out bass lines and flawless edits with a large dash of palatable melodic content.

    Desert Dwellers - Psychedelic Bass (Santa Fe)
    Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe; together they are one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo artists hailing from the United States, having released over a dozen full length albums, several DD remixed albums, as well as countless singles, EPs and remixes for labels like Twisted, Six Degrees, White Swan, and Iboga to name a few. After the huge success of the “DownTemple Dub” series, and blowing up the past three years at some of the most prominent international music festivals including Lightning In A Bottle, Symbiosis, Wanderlust, Shambhala, Eclipse Festival Australia, Envision, Beloved, Sonic Bloom, and Earthdance, Desert Dwellers are gearing up for a very big year in 2014, beginning with a 7 week tour across the United States opening for world renowned Twisted Records artist Shpongle.

    Dixon's Violin - violin magic(Detroit)

    Woody McBride - ACID (Communique, Genius of Fun, Minneapolis)

    JethroX - ACID/HARDCORE (Drop Bass Network, Hellsboro)

    Treavor Moontribe - Techno (Moontribe, Santa Fe)

    Archnemesis - Glitch Hop (Charleston, SC)

    Tha Fruitbat - Glitch Hop (Sacramento, CA)

    Basilisk - Multiple Sets (Ektoplazm, B.C.)

    Mr. Rogers - Glitch/West coast bass (Nevada City, CA)

    The Outpost - A secret stage in the hull of a crashed ship. Gadget G will be doing a 12 hour live hardware set, the Swamp Bucket Brigade will perform, and numerous acts from the other stages will be taking a second set as well as some potential open deck time and spoken word performances/workshops.

    For complete event information and full amazing line up visit:

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