sup y'allz


RaggaTech head
First post on this forum. I get these newsletters in the email so I figured Id take a much needed break from Junglescene and come on over here.

To contribute, Ill be posting my tunes, maybe some homie's tunes, links to my mixes (mostly live), info on Jungle Riddim Records and Relentless Audio Records as well as LA Abstract Records, and some Reason/Cubase knowledge.

So this is my "hi" post to all you good people and a reminder to support Jungle Riddim when we host the upstairs Dancehall and Reggae area at 45psi's The Rapture located in San Diego at Canes Bar and Grill. Also support .com and our Relentless Audio label/crew as we host the entire night of "Airplay" on August 7th in LA.

Peace. :antitank: