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    Feb 21, 2013
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    Le me
    So, where do I start....
    coming from germany, male
    16 years old, loving music, nearly every type, genre etc. of it, just the ordinary stuff i guess...
    what leads me to this forum? well, i am listening to DnB for quite a while now, now I want to get things to the next level, producing DnB.
    I started a few days ago, using fruityloops, i created a 2-3 tracks, but I am still pretty bad on creating DnB music, so i hope i can find inspiration and
    hopfully tips'n'tricks i can realy use. Also I am pretty rare on samples so if anyone can help me out on that I would be very pleased. (private message please)
    Soo, what's more to say? I worked with two Drum standarts until now, the two i found on wikipedia, not including the amen-break. I am realy interessted in DnB remixes of for example scottish folk, or jazz standarts (take five etc.), I also think remixes might be easyer to create.
    So, i hope you can help me and maybe i have some ideas that might come in handy for you too ;)
    c ya soon ( i hope )