Sup from West Midlands UK Old School head here


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Oct 23, 2008
Yes people jus a quickie, I'm 36, been DJing since 1988, producin', got a studio, a little label I'm gonna start releasing on next year, I teach Music Technology, mainly a Hip Hop man from time (like 1982) got infected by Jungle when the scene first blew up in the early 90s and it's never left my system, loving the tearout DNB and just missing the vibe that early Hip Hop had.

Like groups like Mutated Forms, Potential Bad Boy, Taxman, Icicle, Doc Scott, Source Direct, Photek... I like the badboy analogue gritty big Reggae influenced shit and original Jungle.

Fave current tune A.I. Days of Rage...

Good Lookin' out, see ya around!
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