Sup. Can u help me with this song/s?.

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    There is a video that i've been watching for almost 1 year and a half.
    What i really want and i hope u like are the song/s that are in background.
    1 friend and i have been told that song may be neurofunk, downtempo, others genres like that. And we think is some kind of experimental song.
    But the problems is that we've been looking for that song for a while. No results yet.
    So i came here to get help from u guys. We think that is a dope song, maybe u'd like it.
    well video link is this:
    video is in spanish, tho.
    In the video there is a paused song by mogwei, its not the song.
    Any help of a clue, maybe or the name of the song would be A LOOOOOOOOT of help.
    Thank u.