Sunny Crimea : Sunny Crimea EP - Datamod022

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    OUT NOW! - Sunny Crimea : Sunny Crimea EP - Datamod022

    (A) Shake It! (feat. Soul Fx)
    (B) Something
    (C) Autumn Leaves Dance (feat. Soul Fx)
    (D) You're My Joy, You're My Pain

    Check it out on our space and grab it on Beatport !


    These guys from one of the most beautiful places in the world - sunny Crimea region in Ukraine - are glad to present their deep and peaceful music for you!
    Living in eastern part of Crimean peninsula, Kerch city, their creativity is inspired by the beauty of native land and warmth of Black and Azov seas.
    Vovnyakov Alexander aka 'Sunny Crimea' starts to produce d'n'b music in 2008 and his tunes were supported by DJ Gvozd (Respect rec.) in Pirate Station radio show on St.Petersburg's Record Radio during 2009 year.
    Now, together with big friend Seytumerov Elvis aka 'SoulFX' they produce intelligent, deep and soulful stuff, feeding each other by fresh musical ideas and thoughts.
    2010 begins with their appearance in Phuture Beats radioshow hosted by Electrosoul System on Bassdrive with the beautiful track 'Autumn leaves dance' along with their debut release on Modulate Recordings... that's what we call a good start!

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