Sunday Night Selectors on Breakpirates

Oct 21, 2002
Midlands, UK
Yes, it's Sunday again, and that means another top line-up on Breakpirates this evening.

We'll be broadcasting from 4pm with some old mixtapes to get you in the mood, and then the show starts proper @ 5pm with myself and djAdvance ( rolling through until 7pm. Then you've got the Sunday Night RAW crew (Deluxe, Destiny and Stoopid) with their usual mad style until 10pm, when we've got the Old Skool sounds of djJacko.

As usual, we'll be giving away free vinyl from the Choice Records website, and generally having a laugh. Join us in the chatroom from 5pm(#drum&bass on EFNet, or see the Breakpirates website).

Don't miss out!
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