Sunday April 13TH J-tek Showcase on


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This Sunday Nu-Rave Radio is proud to present a very special and exclusive show from the one and only OUTRAGE (J-Tek, Backlash, Metalheadz) and AST, who from 6-8pm GMT will take you on a journey through the past, present and future sound of Jungle Tekno. As some of you may already be aware, Outrage is part of a crew consisting of Modular, Digital, Aperture and the original Jungle Don Randall, who have just launched their critically acclaimed "J-Tek" imprint... Jungle Tekno brought back from the ashes and into the future for 2K8!!
To tune in visit us at
schedule :
5-6pm - RECKLESS (Nu Basement Records / Uppacutz)
6-8pm - OUTRAGE (J-Tek / Backlash / Metalheadz)
8-10pm - JUNKI MUNKI (2FX / Junki Munki Records)

and April 18th at Herbals in London J-tek Launch party