.: Sunday, 7-11pm EST: Dirtbox Radio Version 3.0. We don't die, we multiply!


What's up y'all,

This Sunday is yet another milestone for Dirtbox Radio. A h000j one, to be precise. That's freakin' large. Please allow me to ramble. I will try to make it cohesive, or at the very least interesting.

This whole thing started with an idea in my head. "Man," I thought, "if I ever have a radio show... I'll call it Dirtbox Radio. That sounds cool." (or something to that effect. Later on I found out that "dirtbox" is slang for "asshole" in England. Go figure.). Coincidentally, and not too long thereafter, DJ Bezerker approached me about doing a DNB show on the now-defunct but lamented Sessions1 Radio.

Sessions1 was the first steady netcast from this area, that I'm aware of at least, and was a one-night-a-week multigenre affair that just so happened to coincide with a weekly rawkus house party (at the same house, of course), and was the first place I really played records in front of people (outside my small circle of close friends). Bezerker was trying to expand S1 to one show per day, and I was all about it.

Dirtbox Radio first hit the intarweb on April 21st, 2002 - which just so happened to be the day after 4/20. Akasha (aka Signal) and Ricky Ricardo came out as our first guests, and played an incredible set. I still remember the engergy! It wasn't until afterwards that they found out that it was our first show. I still wish I'd recorded that set.

We'd start out every Sunday around 5pm with zero listeners (there wasn't a Jukebox), play a mix CD or two, spam the hell out of the Sessions1Radio IM list, and bullshit around for a couple hours eating Cluck-U chicken wings, and drinking beer. Around 7 the live sets would start, and we'd have a few guests out, with Jerel, Hooligan, and myself playing pretty much every week. After peaking out around 10 listeners per week for a while, I nearly shat myself one night in June when I found out there were 16 people listening to me spin.

We went on to join Jungletrain.net in Octoberish of '02, and Destroyer.net sometime thereafter. I seem to remember the Destroyer simulcast coinciding with me moving the Dirtbox website off of a P1 Linux box in my basement (we used to have to move the MP3's to a different folder during the show to conserve what little bandwidth we were working with), but time and I don't get along too well. Regardless, things were good. We eventually hit 220-something listeners between both stations, which is pretty damn significant for a Sunday evening timeslot. That just happened to be during a particularly good Evancipation set.

Sundays were so much fun. I got to sit around every Sunday night getting down with friends, listening to badass DJs I'd "grown up" listening to ("OMG! Harry Ransom is playing records... In my house!"), learn new tips and tricks, talk to DNB peeps from around the world online, play some incredibly fun sets, and just downright enjoy myself. Jerel was around every Sunday for a LONG time, even after moving back to PA, and did a great job keeping me motivated, splitting the cost of beer (thanks man!), and pushing me to be a better, more diverse DJ. Hooligan's done much of the same, in his own, Hooliganish way (biggups to you, brother!).

After three years, I decided to take a break. Not only was I going back to school in the evenings, and all those late Monday mornings were getting me on my boss' shit list, but the biggest thing for me was that I was just getting burnt out, and I felt the show was slipping. It really wasn't something I wanted to Michael Jordan.

Luckily, Grimm Reeper and Kaotix were there, and nabbed up the Sunday Jungletrain slot (the Destroyer slot was unfortunately but quickly picked up by a buncha other people. Biggups to Hue-E and Mighty regardless.). We decided to go from there with Dirtbox under new weekly management, in a different location (la casa de Bobby). This last year and some has seen a rack of new talent roll through, with the guys adding their own flavor to the mix. We picked up a couple more Kru members (biggups Lycan & Psykofly), and had a bangin' 4 year anniversary party.

In the last few months, lifestyle changes and shiz have made the weekly ops of Dirtbox a bit of a strain on the Grimm household (these things happen - Dirtbox be hardcore), and so we decided that the show's going to be coming back to its birthplace.

The decision was slightly last minute (we do that sometimes), and so we took off last week's Sunday slot on JT (what's that, our third missed night in almost 5 years?). I apologise if you went to tune in and we weren't there.

So anyways, that brings me to the point (finally) of all this rambling: starting this Sunday, the 17th of December, Dirtbox Radio will once again return to the murky depths of my basement, to continue upon its legacy. This is a legacy built upon shit tons of effort from us in the crew and LOTS of people who listened, chatted, hung out, brought beer, made us cakes, celebrated birthdays & anniversaries, crashed on my couch, lent/gave us equipment, sent us mix CD's, drove out from HOURS away to play. Shouts out to all of ya.

With this derivation, for which we haven't exactly worked out all the fine points - Dirtbox is a bit of an evolutionary beast - Joey Migraine will be coming down from Balmer to help run the show, and Grimm and Kaotix are working on a plan for some monthly-ish big-tingz sorts of deals outta the Grimm house. We're also going to go back to Strangeland as much as possible, as that's been HELLA fun. Regardless, whenever we've set up something, we'll let you all know.

I'm gonna run the Sunday night show from 7-11 for now. I know it's shorter, but I think I'll do better at maintaining the level of quality when dealing with less time, plus my roommates and I need sleep for school & work. We're boring geezers, I know.

All I can ask is that you all continue to listen, download sets, and chat with us, and we'll continue to bring you the music - new DJs, old DJs, CD cleaner tracks, all that jazz. Thanks so much to all of ya. You've definitely made my life a more interesting, vibrant, strange and quirky place... and that's how I like it.

So yeah, you're now free of my rantiness. Here's this week's info:

Ze Lineup ->

07:00pm EST - ODJ!
08:00pm EST - Joey Migraine!
09:00pm EST - Kaotix!
10:00pm EST - Grimm Reeper!

Ze Links ->

[64k stream]
[24k stream]


More good shizzle to come your way....