Sundance films earn big bids by significant companies seeking indie profit

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    Independent movie makers rely on the Sundance Movie Festival for the success of their work. Most of the news centers on the audience response and critical reviews for Sundance movies. Sundance has evolved to the greatest sector within the world for independent film makers seeking a lucrative payoff for their low spending budget art. It seems like a good start for finding out what movie will bring within the biggest amount of fast money. Article resource - Sundance films win big bids by major studios seeking indie profit by MoneyBlogNewz.

    Sundance returns to its independent roots

    The Sundance Movie Festival was known as “The United States Movie Festival” in 1978 when it was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first board chairman of the festival was actor Robert Redford. In order to try and get more crowds with the ski attraction within the winter, the United States Movie Festival was moved in 1980. Park City was its brand new home. It was a modest annual affair until Redford's Sundance Institute took over in 1985 and it became the Sundance Movie Festival. The event became a worldwide affair for independent film making with the Sundance Institute and Redford. Redford has tried to bring the Sundance back to its independent roots for 2011 although the Sundance Movie Festival has been more about Hollywood and bigger movies recently.

    In 2011, there are new deals for Sundance

    When it comes to promoting independent films, this 10 day affair ending January 30 is still the greatest event within the world for 2011 even though Redford is attempting to change Sundance a bit. Obscure movies are what movie company’s start betting millions on. About $3.2 million was paid by Lionsgate in order to get a movie called “Buried” marketed and distributed in North The United States with the rights to it. That was the first 2011 Sundance deal that happened. After an all night bidding session, Paramount Pictures won the hottest movie paying $4 million for the Sundance 2011 film “Like Crazy.”.

    Where independent films can be going

    Selling independent films to the highest bidder isn't the main objective of the Sundance Film Festival, its organizers will insist. Kevin Smith, the controversial director of such hits as "Clerks" (1994) and "Jersey Girl" (2004), sought to emphasize that point Sunday night. He did end up selling the rights to his last movie. Still, he sold it, "Red State," to himself for $20. Announcing his own Sundance deal, he said that he would distribute it through his own business and rely on word of mouth advertising. "Red State" played at Sundance to mixed reviews. Smith and Sundance might be getting close to something since the Hollywood blockbusters returns aren’t taking place as often.

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