Sunchase - Im Not Dead / Xirod [T-FILE-EP001]


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany
Sunchase - "Im Not Dead" / "Xirod" [Tilt-Recordings / T-FILE-EP001]


Sunchase is a name which assumedly needs no introduction.
Since 2004 he has released on Drum & Bass labels such as
Moving Shadow, Hostile, Full Force, Recon, Revolution,
M-Atome, Sinuous, ELP Collective, DSCI4, Citrus and Fokuz.
Also, he has released Techno and Breakz tunes on vinyl.
Now he delivers the first EP on T-Files, bringing two more
Drum & Bass tunes: "Im Not Dead" is a dark Neurofunk tool
with a classic, spooky athmosphere while "Xirod" combines
Neurofunk with Minimal elements in a Drum & Bass structure.
Also, watch out for more of his tunes forthcoming on
Camino Blue, Osiris Music, Fokuz LTD and on Techno labels.

available here:
soon also here:

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