Label Sunchase / Crypton / Re:Soul / C.V.I. [T3K-EXT006]

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    Sunchase + Crypton - "Techdraft"
    Crypton + Re:Soul + C.V.I. - "Electric Empire"

    T3K strikes again! This is another hard hitting EP (T3K-EXT-006)!
    First, it is time for a well respected Ukrainian producer: "Techdraft" was basically written and produced by Sunchase (famous for his releases on Moving Shadow, Citrus, Sinuous, Cyclone, Salvage, Shadybrain, Drone Audio, Fokuz LTD and lots more; plus two tracks released on T-Files as T-FILE-EP001). Fellow Ukrainian producer Crypton added his twist to it and finished the track. This should be enough to tell that this collab is pure quality neuro-tech stuff. No further advertisements needed.
    Second, this EP features a track called "Electric Empire". This time Crypton (of former IBS Faction fame) teamed up with C.V.I. from Russia (see "Killzone" released as T3K-EXT005) and Re:Soul from Ukraine. The tune itself was created last year and it was reworked by Crypton in 2009 and now it is a nice neuro-tech tune from Eastern Europe to smash places all over the world.

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