Sunandbass & Soundium Competition. Win 2 tickets to festival & more stuff!


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There are only three ways to finish the summer: partying at Sunandbass festival, getting a shopping spree at Soundium, wearing new funky T-shirts and receiving compliments daily. Buy any track or release at and then share secret words/link on Twitter or Facebook - this is how you participate! The winners gonna win on 15th of August!

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About festival:
Yearly-weekly relaxation on an immaculate beach with the best sounds of drum and bass in the world. An unexpected phenomenon which works eighth time in a row in a small town of San Teodor, the east coast of Sardinia. Sunandbass and its homeparty spirit is a must-experience if you care about drum & bass, dubstep, as well as beach and palm trees. Legendary Ambra Night club, vivifying Bal Harbour pool, necessary La Cinta seaside, proper drum & bass/dubstep artists, Italian cuisine and wine... The best thing is we have two tickets for you!