.: Sun July 4 : Dirtbox Radio @ Freaks United III :.

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    .: Sun July 4 : Dirtbox Radio @ Freaks United III :.

    This Sunday, July 4th, Dirtbox Kru is teaming up with Alchemy & Deep6 to present Freaks United III. It's gonna be a killer party, and you should go. Read on for more details:

    * Party goes 4pm 'til 4am!
    * 20+ DJs!
    * Six Live Bands!
    * BBQ (veggies too) while the Sun's up!
    * Watch the National Fireworks Display from the deck - arguably one of the best places to see it!
    * Cheap pitchers of beer!

    Check out the lineup ->

    >> Dirtbox Drum 'n' Bass, in the Rubik Room!

    * Robot Death Squad [evancipation, akasha, plejik] (Cabal Recordings, Subplate Recordings, Baltimore/DC)
    * Joey Migraine (Remix Renegades, Oneman1!, Baltimore)
    * ODJ (Dirtbox Radio, Partners in Crime, MD) <a
    * Jerel (Dirtbox Radio, Partners in Crime, MD)
    * Hooligan (Dirtbox Radio, Partners in Crime, MD)
    * Ricky Ricardo (Dirtbox Radio, Syndrome Industries, Baltimore)
    * Shade (Dirtbox Radio, Syndrome Industries, Baltimore)
    * Phil Scott (Dirtbox Radio, VA)
    * Rev-E (Syncopation, Roundtable, MD)

    That's right. We'll be runnin tingz from 8:30pm 'til 4:00am, Dirtbox Style, with bangin DJs and tons o' fresh dubs!

    >> Live Acts:

    * Stromkern (EBM/Electro from Madison, WI)
    * Hypofixx (Aggro-Industrial from NYC)
    * Null Device (Synthpop from Madison, WI)
    * Ego Likeness (Darkwave/Trip-Hop from Baltimore, MD)
    * Life Cried (Harsh Terror-EBM from Newark, NJ)

    >> Other Live DJs

    * Adam X (SonicGroove, NYC)
    * R i B (Razed in Black, Hawaii)
    * Ferret (Dancing Ferret Entertainment/Nocturne/Dracula's Ball Philadelphia)
    * Hellraver (Terrorfakt MasterCriminal/Albion/Batcave NYC)
    * Whiterabbit (Club Inferno, WI)
    * Kangal (Just about Everywhere, USA)
    * Missguided (Honolulu, HI)
    * Mindcage (Mindless Faith/deep6 productions DC)
    * Defekt, Ras DNA, Shade {the other one}, Solaries, 2501 (Alchemy, DC)

    Price is $15 presale, $20 at the door, or $10 if you're on the Dirtbox reduced list. Hurry up and email odj@dirtboxradio.com, cos it's almost full!

    We'll be broadcasting live, via Jungletrain.net and Destroyer.net, should all go well. Even if we can't, archives of the night will be available on the site!

    Peep www.dirtboxradio.com and www.alchemy-dc.com for more info-mation!