Summer Music Production seminar special- Bristol

Digitallabz Music in association with Music Tech magazine are proud to be offering you an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques used by some of the scenes top producers so you can make your own music. Beginners and amateur producers alike are recommended to come to the event. Genres discusssed will be DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP / TECHNO / ELECTRO and HOUSE. Guest speakers on the day will be:

GATEKEEPER - Immerse Records --- Dubstep Basslines, soundscaping and acoustics in Logic
AL TOURETTES - Apple Pips Recordings ----- Creative Ableton use for Electro & Techno
SO:FLOW - Med School (Hospital Offshoot) ----- Minimal Drum & Bass Drum programming & processing in Reason 4 & Recycle
HENRY BAINBRIDGE (DUBSTUDIO Head engineer explaining about how to produce top quality masters & premasters and also performing a live master & cut on a lathe!)

• A/Bing your track with other material
• Eq'ing, compression and bussing
• Giving each element space to breath in the mix
• Equal Loudness Curves & Perspective
• Getting the track superloud
• Vinyl Cutting and Acetates explained
• How to get your track to cut well
• Various mastering super tips!

With a total of four hours packed with brand new information and techniques from the guys who are doing the do, this could be what you need to give your music the edge you've been looking for. In addition to this there will also be free trial subscriptions to Music Tech Magazine being offered!

We are also running a prize draw on the day where the lucky winners recieve:

* Pair of dubplates of their choice and mastered cut by the legendary Dubstudios!

* Free one2one course in private music production with Digitallabz Music!

* Entry to our next seminar with speakers; Wedge (Hench records) ,Arclight + guests ....absolutely free!

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