Drum & Bass Suggest Some Mixes - early 2000's?

I've been into oldskool (88-95) for eons - probably since about 97 or so... I've only recently started to get more into dnb, it seems loads of stuff I've discovered from 2000-2002 or so really suits my tastes.

There's plenty of propper oldskool sets (88-95) and I have shedloads, there's also loads of new sets, however, it seems this sort of mid period is sort of stuck in the middle...

Some tunes I recently discovered (yeah, 10 years behind most lol)

Alpha Omega - Back to da future http://www.discogs.com/Alpha-Omega-The-Return-Back-To-The-Future/release/1640
Breakage & Threshold - 8bit - http://www.discogs.com/Breakage--Threshold-Breakage-Threshold-EP/master/323770
Breakage - You don't know http://www.discogs.com/Breakage-The-Break-Age-EP/release/91452 <-- Especially this one. Storming! (Also So Vein by Breakage)
Bug Nyne - Demolition http://www.discogs.com/Bug-Nyne-The-Reign-EP/master/324448

Right yeah so that's all on Reinforced, just sort of happened.

Also, sure I've said before - Red One - Believe in U

So, not sure what particular style they fall into, however, I love them...... can anyone suggest mixes from this era (especially studio or MC free) that would fit the bill...

Cheers :D
Just found this by searching, maybe you might like this mix I did a while back? It's all early 00's stuff.

Pearsall presents Drop The Hammer 6

01. DJ Teebee – Severed Dreams (Certificate 18)
02. Ed Rush & Optical – The Creeps (Virus)
03. Bad Company – Numbers (BC Recordings)
04. Peshay – Juice (Photek Productions)
05. DJ Zinc – 174 Trek (True Playaz)
06. DJ Marky & XRS – LK (Scorpio Remix) (V Recordings)
07. The Streets – Has It Come To This? (High Contrast ‘It’s Come To This’ Remix) (679)
08. Dillinja – Blaze It Down (Valve)
09. Dillinja – Nasty Ways (ffRR)
10. DJ Die – Autumn (Dillinja Remix) (V Recordings)
11. Ludacris – Roll Out (Dylan Remix) (White)
12. Universal Project – Glock (Universal Project)
13. Total Science – Eastern Promise (CIA)
14. Shimon & Moving Fusion – Hangman (Ram Records)
15. Krust – Kloakin Devices (Full Cycle)
16. Bad Company – Hornet (BC Recordings)
17. Pendulum – Vault (31 Records)
18. Dom & Roland – Dynamo (Moving Shadow)
19. Alpha Omega – Deep Cover (Reinforced)
20. Doc Scott – NHS (Total Science Remix) (31 Records)
21. Total Science – Ghostlife (Metalheadz)
22. Wots My Code – Dubplate (Total Science Remix) (CIA)
23. John B – Up All Night (Metalheadz)
24. Trace – Sonar (Optical & Trace Remix) (Prototype)