Subwave - High Hopes / Intellect

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Jungle Hunter
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High Hopes
Dark layered synths swirl between some 'Konami video game' FX, while a male vocal is reverbed smoothly so it just lays between the gasping breath that sweeps between the speakers occassionaly.
A no thrills drop leads straight into a light 303 melody that sounds very minimal by itself but once combined with the decayed drum it skips easily into the twisted bassline, shuddering down the main snares & spooking the hi-end shakers into a simple jittery rhythm.
The 303 melody progresses effortlesly above the darkend rhythms & cruel disturbed bassline, before enticing the male vocals back into the fore-front of 'High Hopes'.
The bassline carries you along energetically but doesn't become to overpowering, think John B style & you get a nice feeling for the under current of this piece.
Beautiful baby synths relay clearly to the overpowering main leads, telling them to descend swiftly throughout the encapturing second breakdown.
Think 'Future Prophecies vs John B' & you have a very slick tune that isworkable on the dancefloor but needs an open mind.

Overall: 7/10

Loving this tune at the mo the detuned reese pattern, rotates clockwise with the tick-tock wood blocks & piston hi-hats & cymbals, before rocking into a jump up style drum pattern.
Sinister chords churn beneath the reese but are only picked on slightly when you begin to notice the tribal conga rhythms rolling along to the piston hi-hats. Subwave keep this simple & effective slowly working each sound around a single driving pattern then using this as a solid outlet for more industrial FX & creepy virus sounds.

Overall: 7/10

If you like it dark & eerie this one's for you a solid release that won't shock or amaze dancefloors worldwide but can bring out a bit of toughness to a set.

Released On: Encrypted Recordings