SUBTLE020 - Mecca & Code + BUSTLE005 - Tim Reaper / Cloak & Dagger :: NEW VINYL !!!

Hey all,

well it's just over a year since our last vinyl releases and to make up for lost time we're putting out 2 releases together !

2015 seems to be a year of landmarks on the Subtle Audio front ...

- Subtle Audio celebrated 10 years of existence in May.
- SUBTLE020 is the 20th vinyl single on the label.
- BUSTLE005 sees us reach our 5th release on our sub-label Bustle Beats
- also, a personal landmark for me - these collaboration tracks with Mecca make for my first release. Good to finally get off the mark !

So, that's nice n all, but really, it's about getting the music we love out to the people, so here's what's available as of now over at

SUBTLE020 :: Mecca & Code (limited to 300 copies)

A : In Cold Blood
AA : Ice World

BUSTLE005 :: Tim Reaper / Cloak & Dagger (limited to 250 copies)

A : Sounds Of Life
B : Sabotage


We can post both vinyls anywhere in the world for just €6.50
So if you want both it comes to €24.50 all told.

SUBTLE020 + BUSTLE005 Bundle --->

SUBTLE020 only --->

BUSTLE005 only --->

Just to mention as well, we have just added quite a few Hoodie & T-Shirt designs to the store.
As well as Subtle Audio + Bustle Beats logo Tees, we've done T-Shirt designs with artwork from our vinyl releases SUBTLE014 - SUBTLE020.
Also the Hoodies come in 3 different colours. Black, Navy or Military Green (small Subtle Audio logo on the front, and big f**k-off Subtle Audio logo on the back)

You can check out all the new Merchandise here --->

As ever, we would appreciate your support on these new releases and look forward to hearing what you all think of the new beats !



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some nice tunes on these two releases
listened to your show today man!! is Mecca - Analysis going to see a vinyl release? that tune is awesome