Subtle Audio 003 :: Fracture & Neptune / Polska - PRE ORDER!


Audio clips:

A : Fracture & Neptune - "A Glass World"

AA : Polska - "Burning Sun"

Hi all,

In an effort to get this release out as soon as
possible I'm setting up a pre-order to generate the
necessary money for mastering and pressing of the

The benefit of enough people pre-ordering is that
Subtle Audio 003 will be released this year as opposed
to sometime in 2006, allowing the label to keep up the
momentum in its efforts to showcase the deeper side of
Drum & Bass.

So, if you can help, your contribution would be much
appreciated by myself and the artists.

The vinyl should be ready for shipping in late October
/ early November and your copy (which you will receive
a month before the shops do) will have full artwork
sleeve & labels

The price of pre-ordering including postage is below:

UK : 11Euro (£7.50 Sterling)

Europe : 11.50Euro

USA : 12:50Euro ($15 US Dollars)

Australia : 12.50Euro ($19.80 Aus Dollars)

Outside Europe : 12.50Euro

Payments can be made by Paypal, Cheque, Bank Draft or
IBAN transfer.

Paypal address is : conor_o_dwyer AT

Address for Cheque's / Bank Draft ( payable in EURO,
to be made payable to ' Conor O'Dwyer ' ) is:

Subtle Audio,
138 Dromroe,

If you want to pay my IBAN Bank transfer email : Code AT for the details.