Subtitude - I hope it qualifies as neuro

Well this is my latest wip. Just the drop. I have a few notes myself.
In logic itself it sounds fresher and more pumping but when i bounce it (Normalisation is off), it loses big lot of vibe and sound quality. What am i doing wrong?

Anyway what do you guys think? production wise
First time i used side chaining, what are your thoughts?
All other thoughts are welcome too,

Thanks in advance ;)

NOTE: The reason i have such a small part is because i used some new techniques and i don't want to have a whole lot of work done if what i am doing is wrong.


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Don't know.
I do not use logic. I believe you can split frequencies and and channels in logic, I think it is called bussing. Any way, try taking the upper bass frequencies and splitting it in to multiple channels. Make each channel a little bit different to add character to the bass. For example, in one channel run the left speaker through a little subtle bit of distortion and run the right speaker through a delay of one to ten milliseconds. You will get a very cool but not drastic stereo effect. Do something similar switch speakers but making it slightly different.
Make a channel with only mids and a lot of distortion then turn it down low. I'm not sure what will work best with your track but please play around with my suggestion.


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Sounds clean but the track could sound a little fuller imo(add some pads, synth melodies but be careful with them, just few chords) but if you want you can keep it minimalistic as it is now. Bring out your sub bass. This definitely has the vibe, I like it(classifies as jump-up rather) and nice reece sounds.


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layer it up more, if you have the CPU power, duplicate your mid-range bass channels a few times (2, 4..10 times...whatever sounds good) and vary the FX a bit, make one extra crunchy, one extra phasey, etc, then tweek the mix and EQ to glue it all together...and don't forget Stereo, make some of the layers mono (ones with less high end) and some layers extra wide (probly the ones with lots of highs).

the more layers you add, the bigger it will sound, but, careful it doesn't get too muddy or harsh, carve the layers up with EQ so that each layer has plenty of space

nice roll tho anyways - not listening on monitors, so I cant tell you what the mix is like...but sounds like a good start :)