Substance Leeds, UK August 22nd... DJ Hidden, Scheme Boy and more

After the success of the first Substance in May the next mash up is on 22nd August @ My House, Leeds

Room 1: Drum n Bass n Core
DJ Hidden is one of the most prolific DJs and producers to come out of Holland. He is an internationally respected and highly talented producer whose music crosses over genres to create a truly unique sound that always smashes up the dance floor. He has had releases on Ad Noiseam, Aural Carnage, Epileptik, Evol Intent, Handsome Devil, Hive, Killing Sheep, PRSPCT and Soothsayer recordings to name but a few. Sustained Records have recently signed him up and has two tracks coming out in the near future.

Scheme Boy hails from London and has been making a name for him self with his acidy electronica influenced hardcore and drum n bass sets. The Teknoist noticed his talents and has featured him on many Ninja Columbo releases, also recently they did a collaboration for Rotator’s Peace Off label. He has been an integral part of the scene in London for years and he is sure to impressive the Leeds massive with his live set.

MacheeeN Boi, the Head Honcho of Substance and Sustained Records, is going at it Back to Back with Mertcore, one of the nutcases behind the legendary Crash Bang Wallop. This set will no doubt be a laptop and turntable mash up of drum and bass, hardcore, breakcore, rave and anything else designed to create a bit of mayhem on the dance floor.

Gwylo, the free party maestro who runs Dirty Load Records and everything Gonzo, will be throwing down a live set of his own unique hardcore gabba styleee sounds. This guy has been an integral part of the Leeds scene for years and will not be shy when it comes to dishing out the nasty kick drums.

Pesk seems to be playing at every rave going at the moment so it seems right for him to bring his mad cutting up skills to Substance. Check him out playing regularly on twisted radio and DnB Heaven tinterweb radio shows.

N Vision is making his Leeds debut at Substance. He started his DJ career in Germany and has since moved to Sheffield where he set up and runs the night Asylum. He is a true technician when it comes to mixing the Neurofunk sound brought straight from the continent.

LD50 and Dirt Le Roi were scheduled to play but have since cancelled so the first hour and a half is first come first served open decks. Get down early, bring some tunes and you could play on the Funktion 1 soundsystem and possibly get some sets at future Substance events.

Room 2: A Progression of Beats, Bass and Bastard Breaks!
Way ay man the Geordies are coming!! Rollies for Mice is quite simply one of the best nights in the North of England and they are taking over room 2. Rollies takes place in Newcastle and has a splendid musical concept of everything electronic, noisy and banging or as they like to put it ‘a progression of beats, bass and bastard breaks!’

Pegz B2B Ruckz
Chop-Chop (Damaged)
Mr. Peanut
(Rollies for Mice)
J.D-Bigfoot B2B Falec DJ
(White Elephant)
Drop Dead Fred
(The 27 Club)
Jimmy Travels Shat Suit

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Click here here for a map to the club. It is really close to the main bus station in town


fair shout.
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fuck sake i'm going to leeds the week after to visit my nan and grandad, i'll wouldnt have no brother or sister to go with (only child), and i'm under 18, what more savage could be out of that.