Substance Abuse Podcast 001: Fused Forces - Hosted by S-Dot

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    The 1st in our new series of podcasts, tied in with our label Substance Abuse...



    Fused Forces & Big O - FUBAR.
    Bar 9 - Motion.
    Fused Forces - Sell Your Soul.
    Eddie K feat Beezy - Serial Killer.
    Flecta - Guts Ya.
    Dominant Species - Chedar.
    Vista & Presence Known - Water Torture.
    D-Cult - Requiem.
    Lone Star - Cryo Sleep.
    Fused Forces feat S-Dot - Watch The Bassline.
    ICU - M-Tek (Demon Remix).
    Mr Boogie & SFR - Moments in Time.
    Fused Forces - Henry (VIP).
    Dj SnipaZ - Stormin Norman.
    Fused Forces - Grasshopper.
    Actaiser - The Plutonium Experiment (Kelly Dean & Steady Remix).
    Downlink & Depone - Anti-Matter.
    Fused Forces - Ugly Face (Bukez Finezt Remix).
    9ner - Shok Wave.
    Goli & Ashburner - Gutter Riddim.
    Biome - Customs & Excise.
    Flecta - Bats.
    Lost - Metal Foot.
    Fused Forces - K-Hole.
    Orien - That Place In The Sky.
    Matt Green - I know.
    Bukez Finezt - The Road.
    Mr Snowman - Sandman.
    Shredexx - S.A.M.C.R.O.
    Fused Forces - Spit 'n' Polish.
    Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit Bootie.
    Be-1ne - Tube Sound.
    Pressa - Symptoms.
    TKR - Breath.
    Caski - Fire.
    Fused Forces feat Don Goliath - Spirit Dub.
    Potentz - UFO.
    Fused Forces - Sabotage (VIP).

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    Length: 73 minutes. Size: 100mb.


    Dont forget to check to keep up to date with all forthcoming releases, the next one hitting shops is...

    Substance Abuse 004.

    Fused Forces.

    A. K-Hole.
    B. Who U Dealing With.

    Out on vinyl mid September / Out on digital download mid October.